Missions can't be completed because of supply drop (PS4)


Playing on PS4, I have had a number of missions that couldn't be completed because a medical or belt supply has dropped near a "Press/Hold X to interact" objective. The prioritising in the game makes it impossible to actually target the mission objective, instead just continually running to the supply drop. An object that doesn't even need X to be interacted with! Please change the priority of such drops to be lower than the mission objectives.

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Missions can't be completed because of supply drop (PS4)
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3 years 272 days ago
I actually managed to get around this one by walking further away from the supply drop, but while still keeping the mission objective in range.

Try walking to the edge of the interaction range of the objective. It might work.

3 years 273 days ago
Thank you!
3 years 273 days ago
We are already figuring out an option for better target priorizing, so this'll be solved soon.