Mission Loop Bug



today there was some kind of "loop"-bug in the last bossfight of the Khorne-DLC. Where you fight the Voidripper Boss(es) together with the Stormwatcher Grandmaster.

As you can see in the screenshot the game doesn't recognize the win and the objective pops up again where you pick up the grandmaster after he sends his Astartes away to fight with you. Than the bosses spawn again and so on. In the end you have 3 Grandmasters with you and the mission-goal can't be reached so you have to restart it. 

After restart the mission worked properly


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Mission Loop Bug
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307 days ago
Thanks for the additional information! 
307 days ago
I remember that after beating the boss the first time the standard vox message from Caius Thorn immediately came up where he congratulates you to your good fight even if you're no Astartes. 

After mission restart this message came up somewhere in the middle of the mission. 

Maybe the game mixed something up there

307 days ago
Thank you for your report and the screenshot we will try to reproduce the case and fix it!