COOP Network latency - rubberbanding breaking skills & loss of control


I play coop at times with local friend here in Australia. Ping is listed as 21ms.

There is constant laggy behaviour using some skills such as the thunder hammer movement skill. It rubber bands back from the target about half the distance and lays the damage on the ground before teleporting you back to the target. 

Still also having on occasion the bug where a player in group will lose ability to control their character however will not drop from the game. To resolve this they have to alt-tab and close the game (not exit) and then relog to "rejoin multiplayer game".

Something is absolutely screwy in your netcode.

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303 days ago
The control problem has been checked but we could not reproduce the case. May I ask does this happen when you spawn into a mission or suddenly in the middle of the mission you just cannot control your character anymore? 
318 days ago
Hi :). I just lose control of the character. No error is created and the game does not crash. KB is still functional as I can hit escape and get the game menu etc. Mouse also moves just fine and I see my team mate running around normally doing his/her thing.

It's happened to me and also to others I game with routinely. We are in Australia (not sure how your server works - is it central or hosted by the player starting the group?). One had it happening a few times a night.

The rubber banding issue is constant and occurs at all times when >1 player in-game. I can't speak for it being an issue with all movement abilities as I've only been playing thunder hammer since returning a week or two ago.

319 days ago

in case you lose control over your character does any error message appear? Or just it freeze until you use the workaround?
How frequently does this happen? Only in coop or in solo as well?