Mission Failed screen


I have successfully logged back onto my game and jumped back onto my character, however I now have the issue where a mission summary menu pops up detailing Mission Duration, Enemies Killed, etc.  I close it and it pops back up, no matter how many times I click on X or click on OK.  Screencap for reference.

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Mission Failed screen
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4 years 226 days ago
Endless times.  No matter how many times I clicked on X or OK, the screen popped back up within half a second.  The only way around it I've found is to create a new character.
4 years 227 days ago
I've got it and my character has become unplayable. Every time I close the window it pops up less than a second later.
4 years 228 days ago
How many times did you try? You could be getting older mission results, which you didn't accept( due to a bug, possibly ).