Mission DebrIEfing ramble (vid)


Note that this is a little feedback ramble on what's currently in. Yes it's also pretty clear this is an unfinished system :D perhaps talking through whats currently good / bad about it might be of some use though! Happy Friday!

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Mission DebrIEfing ramble (vid)
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6 years 235 days ago

Well, I like the reading. I'm here mainly for the 40k experience and like that this is a "thinking man's" kind of ARPG. For me, the reading gives depth and enhances immersion. I don't want to be playing a mindless "clickfest" like Diablo. I can't image how they would be able to pull off Grand Investigations/Seasons, without significant reading being involved.

 As for the mechanics of the pre-mission briefing, I totally agree that they need to be better explained. My guess is that they have not bothered to explain how it works in any detail yet, because it is an unfinished system still very much in development. In the end, I would like to see something that involves a little bit of old fashioned common sense guess work and a dash of luck.

6 years 235 days ago

I am all all for the 'lite' reading and 'mini' game idea. Yes, it does need to make 'easy' sense and have a risk/reward to it. There is much work to go in and I hope it does.