Mission completion bug


So I'm in a void crusade mission.. it's a save the survivor mission... There are 2 supreme loot chests, 2 stolen relic chests, and 1 regular chest.  When I complete the mission and say quit the game crashes with saying something about "S:\Git\common/src/anticheat.h (190) invalid value".  I log back into the game and I have all the loot I collected in the mission yet the mission is not completed in my void crusade and I am able to redo the mission.  Rinse repeat for lots of loot from the 2 supreme loot chests and 2 stolen relic loot chests.. game crashes, mission never completes, I still have all the loot... so far I'm keeping the void crusade where its at for now so I can repeat it if needed.. I dont know if the crash is unique to me or not but I am willing to provide any additional details to the devs if they wish since I can now repeat it.  (In game name of ArgoTal)

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Mission completion bug
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244 days ago
The issue is not a unique one, it has been reported by others too and we started to work on this. Your patience is kindly asked until we fully resolve the problem.