Missing Mouse



Would like to report that the mouse cursor is missing in the game. Are there any suggestions as to fix this or a forum link where this has the fix?


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Missing Mouse
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5 years 127 days ago
When I first launched the game, I couldn't see the mouse cursor; however, I did notice when I did move the mouse, I would see the various options highlight when I did move the mouse "blindly".  I managed to mouse-over the cursor size and adjust it - if you set the cursor size to the lowest setting, you'll be able to see the mouse-cursor.
5 years 128 days ago
Here's what I found works. Alt-Tab, you get a cursor but it doesn't work, can't work buttons. Esc, you get a black screen but game is still running. You hear sound. Alt-Tab again and you get the game screen back with the game cursor.
5 years 130 days ago
The Regedit fix worked for me.
5 years 130 days ago

The Alt-Tab has seemed to work so far I also dug around of Steam forum and found this...

✪ megapull  May 25 @ 4:12am 

We will patch this problem soon, but you can solve it yourself.

If you have a controller, unplug it.
Alt+Tab out of the game
Press ESC when you meet the "no controller" window
You can navigate to Options -> Controls -> untick "Enable Controller" by following the highlights of the cursor.

Additionally, you could try exiting the game, opening regedit, deleting everything at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NeoCore Games\Warhammer Martyr, then restarting the game.

5 years 130 days ago

Same problem here. Bug report submitted. Alt-Tab doesn't help. See my post.

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5 years 130 days ago
Try alt-tab out of the game and in again.