Melee combat


 Okay I have come across a few moments where a range unit would back peddle while you are trying to attack them with left click, they just have enough speed backing up that by the time you swing you miss. And don't get me started when you have 2-3 Ogryn's with shotguns back peddling stripping your suppression, popping inoculator to regen Suppression, popping Void shields to try an get a few hits or run away, Then losing that too just to be knocking you back or down forever, Trust me I have tried to work around it and the only way I found is to have a bigger gun then they have. So for the melee Builds I see one way to improve this is by having the left click skill a moving swing instead of standing one, While they back up you are moving forward too, plus the melee combat will feel much more ARPG (Action rpg) then SRPG (Standing rpg). Movement in the game feels very sluggish or clunky. The auto pistol has a good skill to move and shoot but that is just toward what you click at, would be nice to be able to shoot an move with most of the range weapons in any direction.

 As a side note this issue is not noticeable on silver or green mission to much if at all, on the yellow to red ones where I like to play at it's unavoidable to have this happen especially against Rebel Guard.

 Just a idea i'd like to put out there and see how others feel.

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Melee combat
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6 years 119 days ago
The problem is: Your normal ARPG has 30ish % of ranged mobs and 70ish % of melee mobs. In Martyr it's the other way arround and that hurt a lot. Melee is in a bad place and will be in a bad place. I love to play melee toons but outside of playing assa with the hop along sword I don't see any reason why someone should even remotly think about using melee.

Biggest Problem is supression and even with 200% supression if you use a melee weapon (or something like this) you'll get your butt kicked arround. There need to be perks like "Berserker - CC immune but takes more damage (and maybe dual wield? ^^)" and "Tank - mobs attack you first, you take less damage have more supression and you get another color in your supression bar that have to be removed first and recovers quickly (maybe with the option to make on of your shield skills to mobile cover for teammates and yourself like ogryns do)" 

There could be so much done or implemented what makes melee fun but at the current version we have there is only one simple advise: NEVER EVER touch a melee weapon!

6 years 117 days ago
My biggest gripe on melee is the Rebel missions. The reason is just what you talked about, the freaking Ogrun are over tuned, and the stuns from the shotguns are nuts when you get 2 or more. Trying to heal through it is crazy, so thank the Emperor for jumping weapons. Also the area of effect will eat your lunch as you are trying to get a swing in melee wise. Neither melee does well with huge groups of ranged with aoe. 

I would suggest to avoid melee until  you have at least 25 skill points to use. It's not in a great place at the moment. I found a build with the 25 points that worked to go plus 75 with the assassin. I can't get the timing right on the Juggernaut block. At least the Assassin has a dodge to roll out of the way. Anything over 75 at this time with her and no needler or bolter as a back up weapon to clean out the groups of ranged mobs around a boss from a safer distance is suicide.