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Okay so i'm fairly new to the inquisitor martyr, i played melee assassin and I loved it, until i realised that the assassin power sword (the two handed one) is the only melee weapon i can acctually stick to and depend on without the need to kite. It was the only weapon that provided enough mobility to not get melted in few seconds. And it still felt well balanced because more than 1 ogryn/CSM can still kick your ass.

But i can't find the replacement, i tried the other weapons and it was like playing ranged, but without range. With occasional jump. Weapon skills on melee are simply boring. Plus you basicly HAVE TO carry a shield to not die, which further reduces the customisation (and ofcourse you could say that you can just dodge and wait to be able to survive but that will still make you cheese it and kite). Also there is no reason in hell why would you take two different one handed melee weapons at the same time, cause their first skills usually do basicly the same and many times are just plain boring. They don't all have to have first 2 buttons with single and AoE attacks. Some can have their first skill AoE and leave one more slot for additional ability that would make it more viable. Arc Blade is the perfect example of weapon done right. You can have one weapon that supresses and stuns targets, but most of the remaing weapons would just add "hit one target" and "hit few targets" so you end up grabbing pistol. If you broke the first two skill pattern, it would add so much variety to melee builds.

For the assassin weapons let's say you could have a phasing assault give you like a significant 0.5 sec dodge buff, but only if you hit a target with it. That way you would be very hard to kill but only as long as you have a plan. One weapon could make you hit the target leave a decoy behind and go invisible for like 1-2 seconds. BTW i think you should be able to enter stealth mid combat, and enemies should shoot at your last known location. Death cult blades should be like the most ninja like, but their fourth skill just don't work if there are to many enemies around, and it's just locks you in place. Not all weapons need to make you jump around like a lunatic, but i think you should introduce buffs that are exclusive to melee weapons, like "take less damage from ranged attacks for set period of time" after using some skills

For crusader most of my ideas could be used for psyker just as well, but if he is supposed to be tanky, he should have more tools to have in melee. But if they are to be fun they can't be to straight forward. For instance, smash the ground with a hammer and create a field that blocks all incoming projectiles. Or pull enemies in the cone to you.

Basicly melee should have some more effects exclusive to them,because so far with most melee i played i felt like i could do same things much quicker and sfer with a boltgun.

I know the post turned up long but i'm not really used to writing those. I'm curious what community thinks about it.

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Melee combat
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6 years 297 days ago

I can say that they have stated they are fine tuning and looking at options, but agree with most of it (especially with the melee and squishy Assassin, though she is fun). I would add to my wish list a deflect or defense set on armor for melee Assassin that would equate to if she carried a shield. Like Airsick Hydra would say, "melee needs a little love" 

6 years 297 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, really useful! :)