My post will be divided in two. First, the data about BPs before buying them and second the ones you get via star system reputation/influence. 

Buying BPs
As in many games, crafting is a way to get nice items at your level, and in WH40KIM it is confirmed (and it evolutes with your actual Inquisitor level, whichh is nice). The big "issue" I have here is that you need to learn the blueprint before knowing its actual level or even the class concerned by. I am actually playing a Crusader and I know enought of 40K to get that a sniper rifle is for assassins. For a person not knowing much of the game, since your Melee character can equip guns etc, I am not sure it's an evidence as for me. And the level should be also indicated, because I was happy to learn boltpistol BP at I1 or I2, waited an hour to get it done to discover it's available for level 7. In my opinion, I would have bought it at end of level 6/beginning of level 7, but would have dedicated my gold at I1/I2 for something more useful. 

So I believe it could be nice to indicate class (if specific) and minimum level required on the BPs.

Systems influence and BPs
I got a purple BP when I reached 200 Influence in Chernobog. HOURRA! it's my first! And it's.. "needler sniper rifle".. requires background : assassin.. But but but.. I am a Crusader. I believe it's a random BP, but, maybe for the ones acquired via Influence, it could be nice to get a BP from the class you are playing, or at least, not from a class you don't play. 

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6 years 259 days ago
Posted by Shougeki 6 years 260 days ago

The system rep is actually shared between classes AFAIK......

Hey Shougeki. 

Yeah, I got that, the system loots for any class. My main issue is to not get the min req level before buying BPs, if it's mono or multiclass (you get these infos after you learned the BP and at the beginning 5K credits are 5k credits, you'd prefer to buy something useful for you level) and the BPs you got thru star system influence could be multiclasses (like swords, nades, eyes, ..). It's all.

Id doesn't mean I'll nerver try, for my example, an assassin. And I'll be happy to craft the purple sniper gun when i'll be able too. But I would prefer to buy it the time I create an assassin. 

6 years 260 days ago

The system rep is actually shared between classes AFAIK......