Mele assasin not able to use consumables - none in use but all crossed out



My in game account name is dokmand and my mele assasin cannot use any consumables. This is particularly annoying as I cannot use a meme to speed up leveling. The inquisitor name is Jain, screen shots below:

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9 days ago
I can confirm this is fixed thanks.
10 days ago
We fixed the issue on our end you should be able to use consumables once again!:)
17 days ago
We could reproduce the case with your character. The issue has been forwarded to our devs, they will fix it as soon as possible! 
20 days ago
Please give us a couple of days to check whether with your character we can reproduce the case or not. I will get back to you afterward!
21 days ago

I could not seem to attach screenshots to the original post: