Martyr End Boss loot not picked up


I hope someone can help me. 

I took my time getting to the end. Leveled to 64 before getting to the end of Martyr. When I finished the final battle, the Alpha Piriaha was standing slightly in my way and I clicked on her before I could collect my loot that dropped from the boss. 

This immediately triggered the final cutscene and the moment it was over I was teleported back to my ship and the end credits came up. 

I never got the chance to collect my end of story loot. How do I go about to retrieve it? I saw many relics and some Intel drop that I worked hard for and would really like to get my rewards. 

Any advice on how to proceed? 

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Martyr End Boss loot not picked up
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79 days ago
Please send a message to [email protected] and we will assist you in the matter!