Many problems after Ragna backend fix


I just got the bug posted here a few days ago.  Apparently it was fixed on the backend because I was able to talk to Ragna and continue on with the next series of quests.  But now, my character seems permanently-bugged and I will try to list the things that are happening.  It's not totally unplayable, but often futile.  I've never had ANY of these issue before or on any of my other characters.  Whatever was done to "fix" the Ragna dialog bug appears to have caused these new issues.

  1. Quite often get ZERO loot from missions.  Either the loot that I picked up or the box at the end.  It just skips the entire box opening sequence and I have no loot in my inventory.
  2. Long delays in exiting missions.  Sometimes I will teleport out and instead of going to a loading screen, it goes back to the mission and just sits there...maybe 30-40 seconds.  Then eventually goes to the loading screen and sometimes I get the loot screen and other times I don't.
  3. Crafting only works on a single item.  I can only craft 1 item per session (may be 1 of the same item).  If I try to craft more, it just makes a funny sound and does nothing.  When I log out and back in and try to craft something else, I get the thing I just crafted and like 3 or 4 more other things.  This doesn't always happen but it happens most of the time.
  4. Zero items in inventory after mission.  This happens all the time.  Unlike the first issue, I actually open a box and continue on.  When I get to the ship and try to open inventory there is nothing there.  When I try to sell there is nothing there.  I have to exit the game and log back in for it to show.
  5. Massive delay in selling.  Mostly noticed this when selling by rarity.  I click the common, rare, etc and nothing happens.  It doesn't sell anything.  I try to sell it individually and it does nothing.  Even was unable to close the sale window today.
  6. Stash and Sale items are often empty.  No amount of waiting "refreshes" it.  I have to log out and back in to get it to show.
  7. Seems to get worse with each mission.  The strangeness seems to compound.  I have to exit the game to "reset" everything.  Today I didn't even have the mission listed anywhere until I exited and re-entered.

While none of these are show stoppers, it makes playing VERY difficult and very tedious and often a waste of time because I'm not getting any loot at all.  NONE of my other characters have these problems.

Is it possible to "reset" this character?  Keep the level but dump everything else?  I can craft new gear so I'm ok with losing that if need be.  But I think whatever was done on the backend to "fix" my Ragna bug broke many other things.

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Many problems after Ragna backend fix
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88 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 89 days ago

We made changes on our backend and it should be good once again! Please check on it!

I played on 2 different toons last night.  Totally different game.  Everything appears to be working as expected.  Thank you!
89 days ago
All appears to be working thanks. 
89 days ago

We made changes on our backend and it should be good once again! Please check on it!

89 days ago
I hope so this affects all charas. I'd like to be able to play.

90 days ago
We are still investigating the matter, it will be handled as soon as possible! 
90 days ago
Truth be told, this is annoying AF! I can't sell anything at all on XBox One no matter how often i restart the game or whatever so I have to salvage all items. It takes up to like 30 tries to enter a Mission, half of the time with no rewards after that. I hope devs gonna fix that fast or I'm done with this...
90 days ago
I take back my previous comments.  This is now affecting all my characters.  This Ragna fix was very close to the update so it could be the latest update or a combination of the two.

I now need to exit the game after each mission due to zero inventory or zero sales or zero stash or no loot or no exiting missions problem.  What appears to be happening is that the "claiming" of rewards gets "stuck".  The window never appears and once you don't accept one, nothing else can happen.  So you have to exit.  Once you get back in the game, most of the time, I get the reward window.

The game is quickly becoming unplayable.  I thought this was just affecting my highest toon so I decided to play my new toon today and I am plagued with the same problems I listed above.

91 days ago

Thanks for the detailed report, it has been forwarded to our developers who will check on the matter. We would like to ask your kind patience until then! 

92 days ago
After installed latest DLC, after completeing missions open box, shows what i received,  goto bridge nothing in inventory, store is empty, or shows will reset no time given. Restart game, items appear in inentory, store still shows empty, can not sell or see store inventory. Game unplayable in this state. ETA on a fix?.