Malleus Shop isn`t working right


Since last Patch, the Store from the Ordo Malleus Shops doesn`t work right for me. After downloading and installing Patch i looked on my second char (Ulven, Psyker) and played the story to unlock the Ordo Shops. After realizing you have to grind the reputation again i switched back to my first char. (Sakura, Assasin)

I checked the three Shops. And the got a Problem with the Malleus Shop. It only displays the Level zero and the Level two items for Sale. My assasin has all 3 Shops on max reputation. I waited three weeks with ressets and checked them sometime. I locked in after weekly resset with the Assassin first. But nothing has changed. See for your self:

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Malleus Shop isn`t working right
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295 days ago
@SALKEANER‍ based on your report we checked on the shards and psalms and resolved the problem from our backend. Thanks for reporting it!
296 days ago
Today i logged in the game with my Main (Sakura) and now it seems to work. I haven`t done anything. Maybe some databank problem?
297 days ago

Having the same issue.