Hi , I'm stuck on chapter two can't progress any further . I'm enjoying the game but because of this damm glitch it's really annoying to play. Please fix this bug..... Thanks 

 PSN ID:  grimhunter777

All three characters in the same ...the assassin, the crusader and the psyker.....fix bug please.

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244 days ago
You guys rock.......thank you again......keep up the great work.
252 days ago

We have some good news for you.

The problem you encountered could be succesfully resolved on our backend so you should be able to proceed in the campaign now.

We would like to deeply apologize for the long waiting time, the fixes took much longer than we initially expected.

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280 days ago

We are working on the problem but more time required to get it fixed. Sorry for the trouble. I will inform you here when its handled!

281 days ago
I was checking to see if my crusader and psyker was fixed from the bug, but it seems they are still stuck on chapter 2 and cant find MagosBiologis cause the bug wont let me move on. Help please.....I really want to play this game and enjoy it. Thanks again
287 days ago
Good day..... My assassin is working fine thanks for the help, the other two are still with the bug. My crusader is level23 the name is Gladius still stuck on chapter 2 and my Psyker is level 7 the name Tyrell still stuck on chapter 2. Thanks again hope to keep on enjoying the game.
288 days ago

Thanks for contacting us and reporting the bug. We will check on your progress as soon as possible!