Loved the singleplayer storyline, loved the Season 1 story arc too... so what are the plans for the future?


First of all: be advised that there might be some general spoilers,

but no intentional details about the story.

So, since the singleplayer main story arc ended with such a massive cliffhanger, will that storyline be continued as well, in the same kind of fashion as we were presented with the first five chapters?
Will that be addon content that'll be buy 2 play then, rather than a free update?

Because the way I understood it, the new Seasons will be free of charge for all players, but the Seasons will likely only continue the Season Story Arc, i.e. those missions assigned to us by Helena -- the Season Arc is separate from the five chapter main story arc, so will those new Seasons update/continue both arcs, or just the one?

What are the plans overall for the continuation of story, will we actually see a proper new set of chapters for the main story arc at all, like suggested in the first paragraph maybe in the form of an addon, or will we only get references to that?

Will we encounter the Martyr again and, now I'm dreaming, will this game maybe even someday allow us to obtain other ships as our hubs, or maybe even make our ship into a proper level, i.e. hostiles invade our ship and we have to defend it, thus making the ship a bit more than just the bridge?

Obviously, I would especially love to hear back from the devs on this, with any kind of information they are willing and/or able to share at this current time, but if someone from the community has heard something and has a source handy, feel free to chime in.

Otherwise, I'm sure the devs would also appreciate your feedback on the singleplayer story arcs, but once again: please keep it spoiler-free or use spoiler tags, if this forum supports them?!

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  • 4-6 weeks after release: the first global event. 
    • This is where the Tier I’s investigations will end up. 
    • The Warzone will open up. This is the endgame zone of the first Tier (not recommended under Rank 40). As the name implies, it’s an endless battleground where you can progress in increasingly difficult special missions, and you’ll meet the second Nemesis of the game here. This provides competition among hardcore players, you’ll be able to improve unique items in a way that your build will be more than capable of handling the opening of Tier II.
  • 2-3 months after release: Opening up Tier II. 
    • This is a new subsector with 
      • 6 new solar systems, 
      • new unique Points of Interests, 
      • three investigations focusing on the Dark Eldar. 
    • This update will introduce Dark Eldar and Night Lords enemy factions.
  • This will be followed by two more Seasons 
    • both revolving around their own storylines, 
    • new subsectors, 
    • 2-4 new investigations each, 
    • new unit types (Khorne).
  • In the further future (in a year or so) we’re planning to release a paid expansion, followed by another cycle of free Seasons with new stories and themes, but at this point this is all the information we can share.