Is morality system/radical path bugged? Stuck at 100 after entire storyline


Title says it... way I remember, there are three moral choices to make during the story, or am I misremembering that?
Anyhow, just wanted to hear from you guys, is it normal/intended that I unlocked only the second tier on the Radical path, i.e. sit at Radical 100, after playing through the entire storyline?

Since morality is per character and not per account, there is no way to currently boost that any further either, right?

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4 years 350 days ago
Homer Morisson
Haha, so much for that... I just logged in again and what do you know?

Now my score also says 125 -- maybe this was just a UI bug, there are a few of those after all.

Anyhow, all good then. =)

4 years 350 days ago

Yeah I did them all, both the five main arc chapters, as well as the Chaos Undivided arc from Season 1 -- and 125 sounds exactly right for all those decisions, which then means that my account is actually bugged in this regard. Damn. =(
Oh and you misunderstood me actually: I meant there were three times during the storymissions where you had to decide on either Puritan or Radical, not that there were three different options per decision.

But thank you for confirming this and for the quick reply!

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4 years 350 days ago

I don't know if you did ALL the story/quests but you should be higher if you done them all. I am at 125 and I know I won't get higher until they release more questline stuff. There is only the two choices now anyways, the Radical and the Puritan. Don't know where you heard/saw or thought a third was an option but that actually would have been cool to been a balanced Inquisitor!

Anyways maybe you missed something? or haven't received the next quest yet unless you're 50 with high gear already then I don't know, wish I could help unless it's different on the Radical path in points than for Puritan because I went Puritan.

Good luck brother and fight keep purging!