Love the updates!


I am loving the upgrades to several of the heat weapons. The best of all though, at least in my humble opinion, is the upgraded Heavy Bolter. AWESOME!! I absolutely love it, the new tracer effect is a nice touch, and it finally has the kick it seems like a heavy bolter weapon ought to have. The new AoE effects with the flamer are magnificent, as well. That bomb with the 4 extra splash projectiles is incredible, I use that all the time now. It finally made the flamer fit within my play style, I can use that to barricade small gaps and then funnel enemies into my bolter fire.

Keep up the good work, you folks continue to amaze me with your dedication and willingness to listen to fan input. I thought Inquisitor was as good as it could get when I bought in earlier this year, but it keeps getting better and I couldn't be happier.

Thanks for your amazing products. Between Inquisitor and Van Helsing: Final Cut (which I finally picked up after hearing it was similar to Martyr) I've barely played anything else for months.

I always tell my friends to buy and play your games. I think a few of them are sick of hearing it.

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Love the updates!
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