Loadouts for character builds?


Hi neocore!

I'm not sure if this feature will make sense for w40kim, but I'd like to discuss in this thread.

Briefly: for a given character, I'd like to select a loadout to support a particular playstyle or activity.

I'd like to name a loadout something like "hammer bro" and when selected, then all the equipment, attributes and skills are updated according to my choices.

Currently, the player has to level a new character to have an alternative build.

I have 3 characters, one for each class.  I'd like to explore melee, ranged, and hybrid builds for each class.  So that's 9 characters...  Considering earn rates for xp and the limited activities where the player can maximize earnings, then loadouts makes sense.

If we will eventually have enough skill points to max all trees in the forest, then this feature may not be worth the time.

For reference, Warframe is pretty good with loadouts.  You configure each weapon and the frame; it's about 10 layers of stuff.  Adjusting all that for each mission would be a burden.  Similarly, it's a burden now in w40kim.  So i resort to using "old reliable" a majority of my playtime.



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Loadouts for character builds?
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164 days ago
This is something reasonable! Thanks for the feedback we will take this into consideration! 
164 days ago
I second that.