Levitation makes me cooler than you


I love levitation. It doesn't really do anything, the speed bonus is handy, but not as handy as having a 3rd real power would be. I don't care. I freaking levitate everywhere anyway. Turning on fiery form and then levitation and angel of death'ing through a map full of smalls is pure bliss. It needs it's own sound effect when I do that. Like a giant human buzzsaw tearing up the map. :)

Can I please, please have a levitation emote, that lets me levitate outside of combat, like while I'm wandering around my ship? I know...is kinda feepish. I don't expect it any time soon. But...why would I ever walk again when I can levitate? That's so like...mundane. I might get dirt on my shoes!:)

I love this game so much so far. I see bugs and problems and oopses, but I also see Neocore staff being very proactive, and very helpful and they've gotten a lot better about communicating lately, which is awesome. I have to say, nothing made me feel like a psyker, in any WH40k game ever, as much as the first time I levitated. That was just about the coolest thing ever. 


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Levitation makes me cooler than you
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