Leveling and gear.


What is max level? I have my main character maxed at 50 all relics, and have them upgraded to the max. But I keep seeing people saying they have characters maxed at 70. I bought imperial edition for my Xbox one x and I don't have an experience bar even after I hit 50.

Also I keep getting messages saying the dark eldar are here and I need to have or do some other random thing? Will other races make an appearance or am I doomed to chaos and warp forever.

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Leveling and gear.
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2 years 141 days ago

the Dark Eldar which comes with the Season1 is yet to come out on Xbox. According to our plans it will be released in November.
As for the max level, in the base game you can reach lvl50 maximum and after the release of the Season1 you can reach 70!