Level Cap or Bugged?


This bug report details more than 1 issue and navigating the forums/searching is hell. 

Here is the scenario:

In order to gain rewards from your mission system, the gear levels have to be the appropriate numbers. Too high of a gear score lowers the rewards even into the NEGATIVE numbers. I had to create a new character, bank his items then re-log with my best to equip those, to hopefully lower my score so rewards worked. 

After I did this, I leveled up a few times and gained Glory/Fate like normal. 

Once I hit level 20, my character stopped gaining experience. I would like to assume it's because of the alpha's limitations. I just find it odd that my character screen says I'm level 1 with ZERO experience. Granted, my skills are still in place.

Here is a screencap of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/xlVSY

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Level Cap or Bugged?
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7 years 84 days ago
This, I am also able to go higher in both attack and defense which then reduces post mission rewards.

I generally sell the gear that drops high now as is both reduces awards and makes the missions too easy.

7 years 84 days ago
The Attack and Defense power levels being able to go above 1-2 with gear is a bug as far as i know. There is not meant to be any progression outside of sector influence to rank 5 and char level which is capped at 20, as well as weekly rewards. All missions in game should be Tier 1 only. Tier 2 missions are meant to be on the way soon.

I did have access to T3 and T4 missions prior to update 0.1.6 but found any gear with high stats i had in my inventory had the stats changed after the aforementioned update.

I get the same issue you do with my char level 20 cap.

Only Tier 1 missions are meant to be avail with Tier 1 gear. Any gear dropped with super high attack or def levels should not be dropping currently, as far as i was aware.