Leaving stationary gun emplacements


Hey guys loving the game so far,

while in a assassination mission i entered one of the stationary guns and starting blasting away at a hellbrute/drednaught thing and when he got close he was able to push the whole gun across the room,

That wasn't a issue at first, i managed to exit the gun and kite him away but when i ran back and got in the gun again i was unable to exit or shoot.

i was able still to surrender the game and return to command ship but when i logged into it i could no longer see my character and the camera position was zoomed right into the deck.

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Leaving stationary gun emplacements
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7 years 99 days ago

I've been able to enter and leave and emplacement, but was unable to get it to shoot, and on two occasions entering it has crashed the game.

7 years 99 days ago

I also had this issue and could replicate it to an extent.  I would enter the emplacement and try to shoot and game would crash.  

Then I would be able to shoot but leaving caused a crash.  

Have not seen the emplacement move though.

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