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Critically acclaimed dark fantasy tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight's Tale is set to launch on February 22, 2024 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X. You can now preorder both versions as well!

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For this occasion, we have assembled a little FAQ section here -- if you're new to the game or if you're just curious about console features, this is your definitive guide.

But before that, watch our recent console trailer to get in the mood:

And now for the FAQ:


In short, what kind of game is King Arthur: Knight's Tale?

A tactical RPG set in a nightmare version of Avalon. You assume the role of Mordred who must confront a mad, undying Arthur to lift the curse from the island. The game features deep turn-based combat, dialogue- and choice-driven morality system, progression with leveling, skills and equipment, and also town management (rebuilding of Camelot) between missions. There are  many side missions in which you might unlock optional knight companions from six different classes, interesting events, and a robust endgame as well.

When will it release on consoles?

February 22, 2024.

Which platforms is it coming out on?

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

What languages will be supported in the console versions?

  • Audio: English
  • Interface and subtitles: English, German, French, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese (Brasil), Russian, Chinese (Simplified)

Will the game be the same as the PC version?

Generally, yes. The most recent 2.0 version will serve as the basis for the console version, so you will get all the new features and balance changes that the new, enhanced version of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale already has. Any new added seasonal content (such as The Chained God and Rising Eclipse) will be available at a later date.

How will the game be supported after release?

Post-release content from the PC will be eventually released on consoles as well, but please note that there might be delays compared to the PC version. However, all feedback is appreciated, we are monitoring all kinds of channels, and we will support the game with patches if necessary.

Will there be a physical edition?

This is not planned at the moment.

Will there be a demo?

A special demo version was prepared for the ID@Xbox Demofest this year for Xbox owners. A demo for PlayStation might be a possibility in the future, but as of now, development of the full game takes priority.


Are there any preorder bonuses?

Yes, a mixture of extra items and missions, by preordering the game you unlock three DLCs for no extra costs: Camelot's Fortune Pack, the Painted Devils skirmish pack, and the Rogues and Renegades skirmish pack.


Does the game require a constant online connection?

King Arthur: Knight's Tale is an offline game, it doesn't require online connectivity to operate.

Are there different performance options?

You will be able to choose a performance mode that targets a higher framerate and a quality mode that offers a higher fidelity.

How is the controller gameplay?

We readjusted how King Arthur: Knight’s Tale works with a controller in mind, adding new graphical interface elements, testing it extensively for a good game feel. We also implemented the Haptic feedback for PS5, but an immersive vibration was made for Xbox Series S|X too. Don’t hesitate to leave us some feedback, we might adjust it in patches if something needs improving!

Can we carry over our saves from the Steam version?

This is not planned at the moment.


Is there a publicly available list of achievements / trophies for the console versions?

The console versions will inherit the Steam achievement list, so if you’re curious, you can take a look there until they appear on the consoles. This means that existing achievement guides will probably be helpful to you, although some minor tactical elements (and exploits) might change with Patch 2.0. 

On the PlayStation version, a Platinum trophy will be awarded for base game completion, titled 'The Once and Future King'. On the Xbox version, some achievements will unlock Xbox dashboard wallpapers as a reward.

How hard is it to get 100%?

The list was designed for completionists, but nothing too hardcore. Ideally, you should go for two playthroughs if you don’t plan ahead, this will put you above the 50-hour mark, although there’s plenty more to discover. This is also encouraged because the game involves branching choices. On the PlayStation, DLC trophies (such as skirmishes) are not required for obtaining the Platinum.

Are there any achievements/trophies that require online connectivity or extra peripherals?

You can get all achievements and trophies offline, with one controller, including the one for the PVP match (this game mode can now be done locally by passing the controller).

As a side note, be sure to leave any feedback on how achievements and trophies unlock, we will take your feedback into consideration in future updates.

We hope you like what we're preparing, and please consider preordering the game if you're interested. Make sure to try that demo on the ID@Xbox Demofest as well to see how it works, and let us know about it. Also, if you're quick, you can join our Reddit AMA right now (December 6)!

To Avalon!

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Console Preorders & FAQ
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