CTD - Not enough free ID! UserID:5 (coop play)


Was playing coop with a friend when both of us got this and got kicked to desktop.

I was playing Tech-adept spamming vivisectors, I know there was a trouble with that long ago but i thought it was solved...

Is it not? Any way to fix it?


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CTD - Not enough free ID! UserID:5 (coop play)
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20 days ago
Just bumping this one. Sorry for pushing, but...

Well, thats still a bug that renders a certain skill (and hence entire builds) of tech adept totally unplayable on coop (as it will crash the game not just for the user, but for everyone in the game!) and its somehow disturbing that it has been there for so long, unfixed.

Surely there are tons of things the devs have to work on too, but adressing such and old and impactful bug should be of some importance.

We even saw the born of a new class (sororitas) before this game-breaking tech-adept bug got fixed. Everytime there is a patch note i check on it on hopes it will appear there, but so far hadn´t seen anything about it.

So, idk, maybe give up hopes and move on already?

69 days ago
I reminded the devs about this issue. After the Season launch they will hopefully have some time to look into this once again.
69 days ago
It´s sad but seems the right time to necro this again, now that the Sororitas is out.

This bug has been haunting the tech-adept since it got released, and totally prevents the use of a certain skill (or should i say, builds made around that skill) of being ever played on coop.

Maybe now that the Sororitas is finished and launched can we hope for a fix?


127 days ago
I don't think that the team will touch on this issue anytime soon due to other existing bugs which have a priority.
128 days ago
Hi there, sorry to necro but...

Anything about this? It´s already a quite old -but still persistent- bug.

160 days ago
Hi there.

Any updates on this?