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Balance Matters


With less than a month until Knight's Tale's release, it's time to prepare and talk strategies! You might get away with charging head on into the enemy and forcing out victory, but it's almost always better to have a solid plan and a balanced lineup to complement it. You know, in case you want to avoid having a Round Table full of injured and deceased Heroes.

First and foremost, party composition. There are six different classes in Knight's Tale, each with their own unique skillset and playstyle. In most cases, one or two Defenders, and a healthy mix of damage dealers and utility Heroes are your best bet - but this can change from time to time, of course. You want to make sure that your tanks are the ones soaking most of the incoming damage, while other Heroes do what they do best: strike down enemies, set up traps or buff their allies to push their output even further.

Heroes alone won't be enough, though, their talents and equipment are just as important - if not more! With over 1000 items to choose from, there is always a weapon and piece of armour that will pave your way towards freeing Avalon. It's worth capitalizing on your Relics: these powerful items often grant unique passive or even active skills that change the state of battle for the better. For example, if the chestpiece of your Champion lowers the AP cost of movement, why not take the Juggernaut talent? With every tile you move, the hero gains 5% damage until the end of the turn, so a few buffs from teammates here and there, and even the mightiest will crumble under Sir Kay the Swift!

Alternatively, you can obtain the necklace of a special someone during one of the Act 1 missions, which allows you to summon a Lost to fight by your side for the entire mission. What they lack in offensive capabilities they make up for in being a pretty effective (rotting) meat shield for your team!

Now that you're prepared gear- and team-wise, it's time to discuss tactics, because even the most seasoned fighters might fall in the face of an unknown enemy! We've gathered the most important things in the bullet points below:

  • It's worth checking which faction you will be facing on the map before launching a mission and adjusting your gear accordingly. Who knows when that extra 15% damage might come in handy?
  • Clear your angles! When on a mission, you might encounter red tiles on the ground. This means that you will be able to deploy your Heroes on a grid before the start of battle, potentially giving you a strategic advantage. To do so, however, make sure to discover all the possible tiles, also marked with red, before starting the encounter!
  • Finally, when you're head on with your foes, utilize the terrain! Use cover to negate enemy attacks, lay traps with your Vanguard, or separate enemies with a well-placed Ice Wall! Remember, there are many a battle in a single mission, so getting away unscathed from one is pretty much a requirement!

This concludes our tactical guide - for now, at least, as we don't want to spoil the fun of discovering the game for yourself and developing your own strategies. We encourage everyone to join the Knight's Tale Discord server, though! Feel free to share your tips and tricks, or ask for advice if you're facing a particularly strong foe. The community already made some great things happen, so why not keep doing that? See you around!

The full version of King Arthur: Knight's Tale will be released on March 29, 2022. An Early Access version featuring the first act is available now on Steam!

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale Balance Matters
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