Kill creatures when they are in cover


So I found this cool Ancient Relic, an Eye Implant of Insanity.  I like the item, but I can't figure out how to unlock one of the enchants.

Kill 500 creatures when they are in cover.  After a month of playing with this item equipped I've killed only 3 out of 500...  I'm playing as a melee crusader, so maybe when I get close to them they are not in cover anymore?

I had this same enchant on my Psycher character (ranged attacks), and again, after a month, I had maybe 35ish out of 500.  I eventually found another item that I replaced it with.

So my question is this:  how do I trick the AI into using cover so that I can kill them to unlock the enchant?

Thank you.

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Kill creatures when they are in cover
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1 year 67 days ago
Interesting.  Thanks, I'll try that.
1 year 67 days ago
Got to use a long range weapon. I used 2 bolt pistols to easily get this done.
1 year 83 days ago
I am playing a Psyker, and I´ve had some of these exact items where you need to take out x number of enemies behind cover. I also had items where I had unlock criteria - Do not take any kind of damage whatsoever in total of 5 Missions. Yeah, haha, right.?!

Yeah, but that is exactly right. It sounds ludicrous, hilarious. But yeah, it is possible. And you know what the silly answer is, to this?

You take the item, you smack it in place, and then you kinda "FORGET" that it is there, and then you go focused on and do those Missions.