Arctic Map Purge Mission


On the arctic map where the narrow side is tilted towards the top right,  Purge missions refuse to properly load. I can load into the map but the mission info window on the right side of the screen fails to load, and I can clear the map entirely and get no quit mission prompt, etc, meaning I need to abort mission to exit the map.

This has only so far seemingly affected Purge type missions on that map, as I have had Hunt and Assassination work on the same map (What star system it's in does not seem to matter either).

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Arctic Map Purge Mission
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1 year 26 days ago
I play on PC. It's the arctic map when viewed from the mission select screen where you apply Tarots, the big empty ice area is on the left side and the islands are on the right.

I've now run this mission numerous times, and it consistently fails to load for Tyranid, Drukhari, and Eldar enemy types but did load for Word Bearer Vanguard.

1 year 32 days ago

Can you tell me on what platform you are playing?

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