Keybinding Shift/Ctrl + WASD for dodging


Hi there,

I tried again to get more familiar with the assassin class.  While using the standart control layout WASD + Mouse I really have trouble dodging anything successfully. So i tried (again) the combination CTRL + WASD for dodging. While the combination is valid in the setup

in game my assassin is still dodging the whole time. Normal movement is not possible until the adrenalie runs out. 

I don't think it is supposed to work that way.

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Keybinding Shift/Ctrl + WASD for dodging
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1 year 219 days ago

Was gonna report this but saw its still around

6 years 242 days ago
This is on our request list, hopefully we can implement this into the game :)
6 years 242 days ago

Nice. Till then, I will keep a little distance to the heretics. Should be no problem with a sniper gun :-)

6 years 238 days ago

As a gamer with hand issues I would really like then option to have a one key dodge too mouse cursor. Would make the Assassin so much more enjoyable to play if the option to dodge that way was implemented.

6 years 237 days ago

This would be great, only if the current SHIFT function (also force-move, much requested, and probably CTRL candidate) could be preserved. ALT, on the other hand, isn't useful at all... Another thing, perhaps dual key-binding could be implemented? Same function done with different buttons? If the player wants to move hand somewhere, say to numpad, and have 'copies' of the skill-buttons there, for some reason?