Ps4 overheating


hey there everyone . Thanks in advance for reading and by any chance letting me know solutions 

i have bought the game last year , played it on and off until now . After this last update on ps , when i enter the game , my ps4 burns up and this weird message shows that your ps is too hot , then my ps immediately turns off , like you unplugged it . When i turned it on i thought maybe its my cpu . Since i know my way around almost everything electrical and electonic . 

i tried some other games like cod mw2 , cyberpunk and saints row 2022 , but none had any problem . Of course cyberpunk was heavy and my fan was crazy but nothing weird like wh40k . Theres a possibility that something in the update made this malfunction happen ?

also i may note that the game is on external hdd . Havent tested moving it to my internal and test again yet .

thought i better ask first .

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Ps4 overheating
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