Just got kicked from server while opening void chests. is there any recovery?


Hello, apologies, new here. I've been playing Inq. Martyr since march. I love it. 

Today at 9:15 pm I completed a 100% Ivory void crusade, as per one of the seasonal challenges. I was literally in  the void chest room gathering my loot as the little red text appeared at the top of my screen saying "problem on server end....." and began counting down....after I got disconnected, then reconnected. I saw my level had gone back down (I had just reached 79 for completing the crusade) reloading my game, I went to check inventory...empty....then the void crusade table, which informed me that I had completed the crusade....

I lost two weeks of work (I don't get that much time to put in to game) and, well, all the rewards......is there ANY kind of fix for this? Or am I just screwed by bad internet luck?


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Hey there,

we are sorry to hear you ran into such an unpleasant experience. Please drop a message to [email protected] with the details and your account information. Our team will help you out.