Inquisitor - Announcing the Season of the Warp Surge!


While players were battling the elements within the Season of the Inferno, we were working hard on the upcoming Season for Inquisitor. 

As a token of our gratitude, if you log in to the game this week, you'll receive a small reward package, so be sure to claim your rewards until  the end of the week!

Therefore, without further ado, it is time to unveil Inquisitor's second Season:

Season of the Warp Surge

Our main design goals for Season 2 were to implement the feedback we received during Inferno from the players into the new Season, while creating mechanics that encourage players to constantly adapt and react to the changing events on the field of battle.

Therefore we came up with the idea of Warp Anomalies that appear during missions, each providing a different bonus that you can benefit from. But beware! The warp is treacherous and the price of toying with such power may be high.

These anomalies will pop up as you progress through the missions. Most of them have combined effects on the player, meaning that you can gain an advantage if you interact with them, but they will also have negative effects on the side, such as damage, or other, more mysterious effects.

Here are the anomalies you will be able to meet during your travels:

Zone of Malevolence

Standing in this vortex will give you a +100% damage bonus - but beware, it slowly eats   away your health.

Warp Nova

Interacting with this anomaly will stun nearby enemies around the player. Use it to defeat your foes quickly!

Corpus Warp Fleck

This anomaly charges your health and your armor skill resources to full. (Psyker Warp Heat resets to zero.) However, you will receive 15% more melee damage for a while.

Elemental Warp Fleck

A similar anomaly, this one will fill your utility and suppression bars up along with recharging your Inoculator. The trade-off is a whopping 15% increased ranged damage taken.

Veil of Carnage

An unique Warp creation, this anomaly will follow you after interacting with it. It will grant 400% damage bonus and 50% movement speed, turning you into a blood-crazed, furious entity of the Warp. However, it will take away some of your Inoculator Charges and your slain enemies will have a slight chance to come back from the dead as Demons!

Warp Pillar

A volatile power surge, the Warp Pillar will randomly follow enemies or players alike, dealing periodic damage to everyone in its wake.

Zone of Manifestation

When you slay your foes in the Zone of Manifestation, beware: they can, and they will respawn as Demons from the Warp - or Warp Flecks might emerge from their slain corpses!

Further Season Mechanics and itemization

Besides the Warp Anomalies, our goal was to create an array of Seasonal Items that draw power and utility from Warp Anomalies while staying useful outside of Warp environments. With this vision, we created 15 new Seasonal Items with unique enchants, and along with them, 6 new Relic Enchants independent from items, meaning they can be rolled on any freshly obtained Seasonal items.

Of course, a New Season required a new Shard as well, so we added a new Warp Shard into the game, which grants the players Supreme Warp Resist, Warp Damage, or Warp Reflect, depending on where they use them.

The Seasonal Journey was altered a bit as well, based on player feedback as we tweaked around the more tedious tasks and added some new, Warp themed ones to fit the bill of the new Season.

Unlock unique rewards

Unlock 4 unique portrait frames, and bolster your Trophy Desk with swirling Empyrean Rifts as rewards for your Seasonal Journey. These will be visible to other players as well so they will know you have done a great service for the Emperor.

Warp-Tainted Missions

A completely fresh addition to the new Season will be an unique mission type, named Warp-tainted missions. These missions will rarely appear in each solar system, with an unique icon, and unique hazards to go with it. These missions will have unique terrain elements and effects to them, and of course the rewards for completing such missions will not be scarce.

During the Season, Intels will have a 20% chance to spawn a Warp-tainted mission, to allow players to find new challenges. Within these missions, unique Warp Gate anomalies can occur where the player will encounter new enemies from the Void.

Loot chests will appear randomly during these missions, and players will have to scramble to find them before they disappear into the Warp - only to reappear again somewhere else on that map!

Just like in the previous season, Shrines across all missions will have a chance to transform into Warp Shrines, granting players a huge damage and movement speed bonus.

Of course, when the Season of the Warpsurge launches, it will do so with a gameplay trailer. Stay tuned!

It is time, Inquisitors, to prepare for the upcoming Warp Surge… the Inferno has now been reduced to cinders and ashes thanks to your effort, but soon enough you will face a new, darker challenge arising from the void - the Warp Surge is upon us!

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Inquisitor - Announcing the Season of the Warp Surge!
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61 days ago

The Season of the Warp Surge will probably end around May so those players who joined just recently to climb the ladder have plenty of time to complete all the objectives.

77 days ago
How long does the season last?
133 days ago
Ok, thx for sharing.
134 days ago
Thanks, so I don't need to check it until the 9th.
135 days ago
Probably next week but anything can happen until then which may force us to postpone it. We are aiming for the 9th of December.

@KNURUSEK‍ no, porting to Switch is not among our plans.

135 days ago
Is there any date known, when the season starts? Also I would like to ask, if you plan to release Inquisitor also on Nintengo Switch?
135 days ago
So, any date for this new event of ours set?

I will assume within the next 14 days, but...

141 days ago
800.....that's cute....i had to open nearly 5k tarot cards
142 days ago
An Assassin... Dual-Wielding Close Combat Specialist... dealing in serious Kick-Ass Warp Damage. Hhmmm, at least something to consider playing. And also a Character Class I never ever tried before. Maybe dealing out some Bleeding Damage as well?? Hhhmmm.

May just go for something like it. And if not that... A Tech Priest perhaps???

145 days ago

We couldn't squeeze this one into the Season 2 patch but we are planning to work on this in January/February.

145 days ago

@MARCOPOLOCS‍ , there is one very important QoL thingy that the end of the season has brought to light more than ever before: bulk activation of tarot cards.

It was mentioned by someone in this forum a couple of months ago and you replied that it would be a good addition worth looking into (my paraphrasing, of course).

With the end of the season transfer from seasonal characters, clicking 880 times is not something I look forward to. Any news on allowing us to activate the entire stack with one click?

146 days ago
Well, let's see about the balance changes - if there are timed challenges again, I might pick a more burst-y class than my inferno season TA!
151 days ago
And I truly do hope this Challenges that consists of Void Crusade ALL Keys+Fragments and Void on Time Limit is NOT the case in this Season. My one and personal most timeconsuming & frustrating Challenges of them all.

I do hope I will not see those Challenges again in quite some time.

155 days ago
Ahh, YEEESSSS ! More storage for us hoarders ! 
155 days ago
nevermind i just seen the announcement. 
155 days ago
i am still waiting to play season of the inferno on the xbox one,  any dates yet boyz?
155 days ago

Expanded storage - at last!!!

155 days ago

There will be no changes on the Cabals or chats however the Season patch will be massive, many balance changes will come along with some great stuff (expanded storage and a recruitment panel with lobbies for coop).

155 days ago
ben shaw
Any  Game Improvements to the UI, Cabals, Chat etc ?
155 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 155 days ago
We will try to figure out something so you can also face the new challenges!
Ah that would be amazing, the idea sounds cool.
155 days ago
ben shaw
We will try to figure out something so you can also face the new challenges!
155 days ago
I'm color blind, and them warp anomalies are gonna be a pain to see. Should I avoid this season?