Just Came Back and Only Have 1 Founder Item Available?


So I quit with the beta wipe of Martyr, and just came back with the big sale and started playing on my birthday last week, and only seem to have access to one of the founder cherubs...  I can't remember but if I have one founder item shouldn't I have access to all of them?

Thanks for your time!

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Just Came Back and Only Have 1 Founder Item Available?
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2 years 278 days ago
Well, yes. Not sure, but if I do remember correctly from back around the release of the game, there were 3 different Founder packages available which included 1 to 3 Pets depending on which package you bought.

I also do remember that the specific Founder Cherub pet was only available in the most expensive of the Founder packages.

And yes, it was very expensive yes. Very, very expensive. I believe that most people did not buy this package.

And if you are only having access to one of these Founder Pets. Why would that mean you should have access to all of them?

In my book, only those that actually bought the most expensive Founder package should of course have access to all 3 pets.

But hey, you should check up in this. Which Founder Package DID you actually buy?

2 years 278 days ago

This depends on which pack did you get during the founding period as there were packs which came with cosmetic items as well.