Item Rarity and colors


Ok here is my impression of the item system.  The  system as a whole works great  but the colors seam out of  whack.

For instance  right now  it is  Blue - Master crafted,  Green  - Rare,  Purple -  artifact. Yellow for common.

I propose swapping the  Rare and master crafted names and colors   so it the end it looks like this.

Common -Yellow, Rare- green,  Master Crafted - Blue,  Artifact stays purple.   This  brings  it in line  with most games.  and  why should blue be called master crafted in the current build when you do not craft it???  So to me this just makes sense  but open to  others feedback too .

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Item Rarity and colors
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7 years 37 days ago
green > blue is a wow thing. i never played wow so to me its fine. though the "mastercrafted" label regarding crafting makes sence. i believe warhammer online also was purple > green > blue
7 years 37 days ago

This has been debated before (not that we can't again) but there are actually a lot of different ways that loot are color coded in different games.

What most of them have in common is this;

Grey < White < Green < Blue < Purple < Yellow < Orange

Diablo 3's system is a bit different, as they look like this;

  • Junk - grey
  • Normal - white
  • Magic - blue
  • Rare - yellow
  • Legendary - orange
  • Set - green

Now some games the developers want to differentiate themselves from the masses, but it's hard for us to adapt to that because let's face it, we have been used to this system since early WoW (*) and Diablo 2 (**)!

I've proposed it before and thus I will add my cents to this - keep it as recognizable as possible. This will make it easier for new players to enter into the game, as they will know which rarity the loot they find has just by the color coding from the get go:

White - Normal

Green - Master Crafted (former blue)

Blue - Rare (former green)

Purple - Artifact

Orange - Godlike

And OP, it's Master Crafted because the weapon WAS crafted ;)

7 years 37 days ago
Personally i'm not a fan of copying other games colour orders just because it's more convenient to those players. It's just like a change in controls etc. It's something you get used to, or perhaps you don't even notice.

From my own perspective the green colour looks more visually impressive than the blue (just the colour stands out more to me) and therefore it makes sense that it's more important. 

Given the current system I think Red would be best suited for the upper most tier. Similar to vermin-tide. 

7 years 36 days ago
I agree with Hydra, colors and their order are not really important but typically the arpgs I am farmiliar with start out grey then white, green, blue, purple then yellow/gold or orange in my experience.

My only gripe with the current naming convention is that master crafted should swap with rare in terms of power levels so from weakest to strongest we would have common, rare, mastercrafted then artificer I am hoping there will also be relic items with unique abilities/perks to top out the power levels (more or less Inquisitor Martyr's version of a diablo legendary)

7 years 36 days ago
relic have been confirmed :)
7 years 34 days ago
Airsick Hydra
Nice! thankyou Hydra :)
7 years 34 days ago
I was baffled at this when i was playing the earliest versions. Now I love it, maybe because of the subconscious switch that makes me go "amagad AMAGAD" when i see a green item....
6 years 99 days ago
I realize this is a late reply, but I'm pretty sure Warhammer Online had the same rarity colors as the standard which was the same as WoW.  Standards become standards for a reason.  It's similar to deciding that your game will have 8 after 9 when counting just to be different.  It would just cause confusion and isn't really needed.  Sure people can adapt to it and get used to it, but why make them?

also green being right under blue isn't a wow thing.  It is that way in wow, but it's not like they invented the color order, wow and diablo were just the games with the largest user base that used it and thus it caught on.

6 years 98 days ago
This legit confuses me xD first couple of times I sold green over blue xD, and still have to focus when equipping etc, luckily it tells you which quality that is better, but still xD
6 years 97 days ago
I was thinking the exact same thing lol