Few Problems


So the new patch is here with the new Psyker.

So far I'm enjoying it, though I seem to be having a problem with adding the powers to the staff that I've just got. I've tried right clicking, double clicking and dragging and nothing. it wont let me bind the powers I want to use to the mouse buttons I want to use. so my question is what's going on?

A few other problems I've noticed as well are.

1. The star map.

Why am I getting a loading screen every time I go into it? It wasn't like that before this patch? Also some of the missions I'm asked to do I cant actually see. By that I mean the text is hidden behind more text in the top left hand corner of the screen. I cant move the camera around to I can clearly read the info. This needs sorting as its bloody annoying.

2. Gun emplacement's.

When trying to take out the emplacements 8 times out of 10 I have to run straight toward it hoping that I wont get blasted into a pile of goo. This isn't exactly fun. I feel that this needs to be addressed too. Also the fact that if I want to waste the b*****d I have to run behind it even though I've just taken an enemy out that was hiding behind a barricade without running behind it.

Is this a thing that's known?

3. Text.

I personally think that the text is either too small and too grainy. I don't know whether its me and my eyesight. ( I don't ear glasses or contacts) Is there an option to make the text bigger as its just too small.

4. The shop.

I was playing earlier on and found a Rod and a Sword (both are green) and when I tried to sell them I got a pop up saying that's its an unknown artefact (or something like that) and was unable to sell it or break it down  to free up space so I ended up having to put it in storage to get rid of it. What's that about?

Other than that I'm still enjoying it and again I'm looking forward to it dropping.


Is there any chance tat the ORKS will make an appearance? I realise that the game isn't out yet but this is just a thought. I'd really like to see them added as they bring humour to the 40k universe. Don't get me wrong I get that "In the grim dark future there is only war" but the ORKS have always been the comedic relief for the 40k universe.

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Few Problems
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