Item Level 40 max loot


So i reached my goal of level 50 and since level 40 i just get level 40 items from missions and crafting recipes.

At first i thought it was intended and maybe with level 50 you get level 50 items. But the items at the Rogue Trader are always exactly your level(so they are higher than level 40)

I tested out some purple crafting recipes with level 50 and on 2 of 6 tries the item was level 50, the other 4 times it was level 40

Then i unlocked the level 4 Influence reward from the Lacaon System (1 Relic Item) The loot box was "Level 50" but the item i got from it was a level 40 relic weapon.

My question now is if that is intended or not(i hope not)

I know that you can upgrade relics quite extremely, but still i wanna know if we are able to receive level 50 relics(before i burn all my relics)

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Item Level 40 max loot
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4 years 232 days ago
lol so no point in even leveling to 50 is what they are saying?
4 years 232 days ago

This issue was reported in the bug tracker and it was flagged as resolved with this message from Megapull_Neocore:

"Max itemlevel is 40 but PR will keep increasing. Working as intended."