Item Cap 40?


Item Level Cap 40 ?? Another Bug ?

Just got Level 44 with my Char but still not a single Item above Levle 40 dropt so far. Is this normal ? 

BTW as so many People ... cant talk to the Captain ... no selling or buying ...

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Item Cap 40?
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5 years 324 days ago
Yeah i found out ... sorry :(  Now 1138 fusing Relics

5 years 324 days ago
Not a bug, max item level is 40. PR increases unrelated from this though.
5 years 324 days ago
LVL 50 stuff is available in warzone shop for 500 favor points or drops on the warzone boss.
5 years 324 days ago

Seems counterintuitive to say the least. Don't waste time crafting. What is never explained, that relics are the only way to raise PL after a certain point. Doing Tarot "Hunt" mission is a reliable way to get relics. Once you get a good one, and a few junk ones (weapons with bad stats) go to techpriest and "fusion" it. Put the one you want in the middle and junk around it. When it hits 100% you max the item and get bonus stats. Small items hit 120, 1HD/Armor 180, sometimes it bugs and gives you an extra point. Currently im 1506 PR, Good luck.

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