Issues of balance



I recognize I might come out cocky with this post but please be assured I have the best intentions in mind.

I think the game as it is right now, is too much balanced on the easy side of things on some fronts. Cabal directives for example. I wouldn't mind the cabal directives requiring more effort from the cabal.  "Seek the Forbidden Knowledge" was the only one that actually required people to put their backs into it and even that is being "nerfed" by today's patch. While I do agree that particular directive was very arduous, I feel like all the other directives could use more tuning towards something "harder". As it is we can faceroll our 5 weekly directives in one day and I think it doesn't distinct cabals from another enough. I feel like efficient and competent cabals should stand out more and one way to do that would be make it so that we couldn't take for granted that we can finish all the directives in a week.

Another thing is the character "builds". On this your mileage may vary but ever after hitting level 50 I have not changed any skills or rerolled any stats on my items. It's not because I wouldn't gain from it but because I don't have to. I don't see any reason to experiment with skills and items as I can run through the missions with anything I happen to have ended up with. I hope this has not been an intentional design choice because if you make every build viable, then builds don't matter. And that would be a sad thing. On this I think we're heading to the right direction with the last patch making some monsters harder to kill but I hope we could get harder difficulty levels that would require some thought on how you build your character. Perhaps also missions that would require coordinated groups with thought on group composition to be able to finish them?

I'm sill loving the game and always excited to see what the next patch brings.

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Issues of balance
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3 years 117 days ago
Not experimenting?

What are you doing then when playing this game?!

I just got my 2nd psyker to lvl 50 so I have more variety and need less total resetting when playing around with different builds.

I heard some broken things might get fixed soon, and the difficulty might be a bit more ...challenging at higher levels soon-ish.