Yo Neo! Keep up the good work. Awesome game. Knowing its just the beginning i'm still overwhelmingly exited. Thank You!!!

FYI: During gameplay enemies and my inquisitor became invisible... So it might have glitched out on my PC only (i7 last gen/1060-nvid/3gb/int16gbram). Never happened before and only once.

You don't have to respond. You guys are buzzzzzzy enough....! 



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6 years 11 days ago
I think I know the cause for this problem, but it's not concrete...

It happens when the PC can't handle all of the enemies and the map itself, due to all the calculations, and use of VRAM. 

I only experienced it when I did the story mission of destroying 3 gates where above than usual spawns of enemies got out of hand made them invisible and stretch. 

In short, I think the game isn't optimized nearly as good as it should be.