Blueprints not transferring to inventory from trader


Just paid 50k for a Artificer Mk III Personal Void Shield Blueprint and it disappears from the list but I get nothing, tried switching Character then logging but still no dice. I do have a red and white icon appearing over my inventory when I log in initially but it disappears after I switch view etc.

Bit annoyed as I'm only lvl 8 and that was more than half my cash lols; thought I was onto a winner ^^

Also while I'm at it there's a few bits where the text on stuff cuts out mid sentence as if its run out of space.

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Blueprints not transferring to inventory from trader
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5 years 345 days ago
I've had blueprints disappear several times now, too, on different characters.  The cost is paid, they disappear from the vendor, but don't appear in my inventory. 

I wonder if it's click rate related?  I was tending to buy all blueprints one immediately after another, without noticing that they weren't going across.

The crafter NPC is available.

5 years 345 days ago
Did you already get your Crafter NPC? If so you have to go to the purple crafting tab or you won't see your recipe.