I was doing cabal extermination missions with another cabal member.

On one mission, the following happened: I got to the starting point of the map, my cabal member did not because he experienced a crash. Now I was on the map, but my avatar was invisible. I was able to move and shoot, but I was not only invisible, I was indetectable, i.e. the enemies did not react to my presence or to my shooting or to their fellow cultists being blown apart.

It was a wholesale slaughter and I was able to finish the mission alone with 4 minutes left.

Nice experience, burt that is not as it should be ;-)

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6 years 252 days ago

It happened again last Thursday. Same happening, cabal member experienced a crash while my avatar was teleported onto the map. I was invisible again and could slaughter the enemies without much of a response.

Contrary to the time before, this time Nurglings were able to target me, they swarmed me though I was invisible. Other enemies did not react, just as before. Maybe the first time was just missing Nurglings on the map...

My cabal member was later ported onto the map, and she could not see me either. She could see the effects I had on the environment, but she could not see my avatar or even a symbol representing me on the minimap.

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