I want Opinions!


Hello it is time for another opinion dump again. Skills are great, they allow you to change up and specialize your gameplay which is key in an ARPG to keep it fresh. Let me first say i love the variety of Inquisitor's skills and i applaud the developers for not making them all damage percentage increases. However acquiring them and applying them at this current rate does not majorly impact gameplay. Now I have heard you are going to be tweaking the rate we can get these but to be honest they need a major re-balance. First off for the main skill at the center of each tree, make it so you can get it through normal progression without having to unlock every skill. They are decent skills but never justify unlocking the entire tree even if you have 200 points to kill in the end.

Anyone please feel free to rant and rave at me and my opinion. I want all of your opinions! 

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I want Opinions!
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6 years 308 days ago

this is true, im just concerned with the fact that there is not a hole lot of direction in varying up playstile through the skill system. They do extenuate your playstile which is fine for a skill tree but i think they could do more with it perhaps better utilizing the center skills.

AirsickHydra does a nice video on this topic most of what I am focusing on is in the first 4 or so minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mvLDSIvQac.

6 years 308 days ago

This is true, however i want to let the devs know of player opinion. They may not agree and that's fine, I'm just plugging in my input. 

6 years 309 days ago

I see the centre as just a perk, what branch you take to getting there is for me the main thing as i feel they will only give enough skills in the end for limited branching so it would be very hard to go all out on just one. 

6 years 310 days ago

I think the skill progression (as far as actual point usage, not earning the points) is pretty decent. Although none of the percentages are too high, some of them are immediately noticeable when unlocked (like that Focus regen for Crusaders). There's also a continue growing of power involved that sometimes is more noticeable than others - the gradual stacking of speed makes you go from feeling like a clunky meandering AT-AT to some sort of highly armored street racer, zipping about. I do think that when it comes to damages, the PL has a far more noticeable effect than the skills do, but considering how PL works I guess that's inevitable.

The center skill, I don't know about yet - far off from having those many skill points yet. Honestly, I haven't really seen any skill in specific that's made me really crave it beyond the focus regen rate (at least the first one) and the movement speed. Maybe that will change as I get further into it though, who knows.

And your right, they did say they were re-adjusting the balance between account and character leveling. We should be earning account levels far closer to the character levels right now - and I imagine that steady increase of points will help the earning progression feel better, with the stat increases becoming much more noticeable as you get more of them before a huge shift in PL, as opposed to know where you might go up in PL two or three moderate times before you really come off with another PL.

6 years 310 days ago

Lol its still in alpha let's see what beta and or release has to offer