Intel xp


Hey.. so new week started; the 20%xp buff on campaign missions works fine. But on Intel i think something got f**d up. I have lvl 94 assassin, grinding the xp with meme virus in the past few days, im always choosing the same 3 tarot cards... and i always have 20-24k xp everytime.. i did a few runs now, and i only got 16k xp max every time (same 3 cards, still have meme) Can you check this out?

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Intel xp
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46 days ago
What level are your intel missions - they vary and higher ones give extra experience, lower ones less, even a single level changes it up noticeably. Second question would be were you soloing or ina  group as in a group you also get extra experience too. 
47 days ago
I noticed the same: last week, every run with meme virus up netted about 21k-23k, now I don't go up 18k at best. I, too, didn't change any tarot card (always used Treasure Vault, Murder and Perseverance).
48 days ago
Are you sure the Meme virus was not used up entirely? We haven't changed anything lately which could affect the mechanism of the Tarot card effects or the Intel missions.