Someone else on chat mentioned that they were lvl 22 or something Inquisitor Rank and i thought nothing of it until me and a couple others did a Tarot Mission for some Purple Loots and at the end of it got my rewards and went to have some food (logged out and ate food). When i came back Online i noticed that my Assassin was now lvl 21 Inquisitor Rank and a craft i had going came off as lvl 21 item. Thinking the Devs had upped the Inquisitor ranks i was looking thru some stuff and realised that my Perks were all bugged now and i cant change or see them (as in they are locked to "not right level")

I then decided to see if running a mission would fix the problem.. It didnt.. At end of Premium mission i got my loot and no exp bar increase, but stayed at lvl 21... I then went into my inventory to check loot and realized that (even though on the Loot Screen it hadnt moved) my exp bar was closer to hitting 22.. I did another mission to check if it was the case and sure enough, went from 1/2 to 22 to 1/10th left till 22.

So wondering if you have increased the Cap and thats why the perks are bugged or if it is a major bug that needs to be addressed.

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6 years 281 days ago

According to new info given by Megapull the Inquisitor lvl cap is 50. 

However i had issues ranking above 20 at all yesterday, any mission (story or tarot) would just re rank me from 19 an half back to 20 again each time i attempted it. 

Also i found no info regarding this change in lvl cap to the current stated 50 as afaik the cap prior to the EA patch was in fact 20.