Another showstopper...


Hi guys,

wanna report a critical bug. I guess it's simple to reproduce.

1. ) I selected a mission I wanted to play and landed on the screen where you just have to hit the "START" button to begin.

2.) While I was on that screen a crafting task ended and the CLAIM-window popped up. (That window was modal as far as I remeber.)

3.) I hit the "CLAIM" button.

4.) The crafting window disappeared but after that I couldn't start the selected mission because the "START" button was greyed out.

5.) Because there was no way to leave that screen I killed the Warhammer process ans started it again.

6.) Now when I login with that character a Mission Briefing window appears (on the Command Bridge) and I can't do sh*t because that button is also greyed out.

Wouldn't mind if you execute an update statement on your database tables and fix my situation.

Thx and cya

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Another showstopper...
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