Inquisitor martyr; worth it??


Hey there all, first post on here. 

So I'm a eternal crusade regular, and I've been hearing some decent things from some people on the forums Over there. Everyone's said to check the forums here, and that everyone is very helpful. 

So after purchasing dawn of war 3 and eternal crusade, both early access games, I'm extremely hesitant to do so again. I enjoyed some aspects from both games, and eternal crusade is A game I still play from time to time, but I'm Wondering how this game is holding up so far? I know it's early access and itS gonna be missing some things, have some bugs Etc, but is the game still Got a good core experience going on?

As in; is it stilL enjoyable and got a good feel already, or is it aN early access Game that's waiting and depending on future content to even make it decent and bearAble?  I'm still in shock after EC and DOW3, so I just Don't wanna invest 60 bucks without doing more research this time. 

Any responses would be appreciated. Thank you. 

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Inquisitor martyr; worth it??
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1 year 364 days ago

Well I think all in all, I've watched some videos and heard all of your honest appraisals and decided I'll take the plunge. Since I've already been exposed to early Access games I think I'll be used to It, and I don't mind Helping to do my bit to help the game improve. Thanks all. 

2 years 45 minutes ago

I like this game I too feel ripped off by DOW3 actually uninstalled it after 2 weeks and won't go back  ... but as far as this game goes it's a lot of fun it has bugs and needs adjusting in certain areas but overall it's a lot of fun to play just keep in mind it's in it's alpha stage so it's lacking polish and content at this point in time 

2 years 15 hours ago

One of the classes is missing, the entire solo campaign is missing, a lot of optimisations are missing. 

Take a look at the roadmap. It gives you an indication of what's to come, but by inference, you can see what important features are currently not in the Alpha build. If any of these things are important to you, I suggest you wait.

2 years 15 hours ago

AirsickHydra has done lots of M:I videos though the whole alpha. Watch them and read the road map to help. Just remember it is only Alpha, there is still many changes happening/wipes/balancing and optimization going on. If those thing worry you best to wait until launch(1st Q 2018).

2 years 10 hours ago

It's really your call. 

Airsickhydra has a good video on Youtube discussing if the Alpha is worth it. It basically boils down to you have to remember this is not the final product. 

It's a solid game, but like Faluzure said it is missing a lot of the overall game we will get. We probably have about 3 to 10% maybe open at this time. If you like playing through and finding bugs, then yes. If you want the full game and story you might hold off till at least beta.

I enjoy the heck out of it, but then again I've play tested several and know what to expect in an Alpha.  

1 year 364 days ago

If you are over all the other arpg's and want something different this is the best around. If you want to compare to D3/PoE/MHO its not the same atm(could change but hope not). Can't just go in and wipe everything (well maybe targets with a powersword).

2 years 20 hours ago

I was very disappointed w/ DOW3 but love this game  it is so much more satisfying to prog