I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that the multiplayer for this game is absolutely disgraceful.  You should be able to choose what missions you want to play, have people join your game, 2 player, 3 player and if you want, 4 player missions. As of right now if you're a party of two ( friends ) you have to find 2 other random scrubs to join your game and it makes the lag unbearable.

You should be able to drop in / out of a players ship and not have to wait with a screen telling you there's 8 other players waiting and no game has started. 

Also no voice at all with random joins... and 90 points to play an advanced mission is a kick to the nuts.  I'm a 28 sniper assassin and I'm getting paired with level 9 players... makes no sense.

You guys need to address this multiplayer big time, especially the lag and choppiness.

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3 years 101 days ago
Could you tell us what happens when you try to Co-Op in multiplayer? We would like to investigate the problem.
3 years 102 days ago
Any plans to fix console multiplayer after the Warp Surge update, it's broke again.
4 years 139 days ago
I'm playing ps4. Both me and my friend are hard wired at 200 down. I've been kicked alot and we rubberband. What can I do???
5 years 209 days ago

Captain Ragna Van Wynter has bugged out on me and I can not progress no more in story. She has a “!” Stuck over here head and I can’t talk to her or buy/sell to her either.

PSN: JBeatyoazz 

Character name: JBeef 

5 years 308 days ago

I'm not really happy with the multiplayer, too. Me an a friend played Diablo 3 on PS4 in multiplayer for a couple of months and we really enjoyed the possibility to play with our own chars each one out of his own PSN account... in local coop. We really hoped it would be the same in this game, that's why we decided to buy this game and not another one. But it is not like that.

Is the only way to play local coop with a manually controlled merc based on the level of the main char? :( That is not kind of my understanding for a successful local coop.

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5 years 324 days ago
Thanks for all the feedback guys, really helpful! I'll forward a compilation of this to the console dev team :)
5 years 324 days ago
Hello everyone,

I bought this for my PS4, and I'm really loving the game. I mean seriously it's everything I've been looking for in an arpg.

But multiplayer needs some love.

If I'm playing local the game literally crashes just about every other time we launch a mission.

Online, can be fine, great even for hours. Then suddenly "bang" the game crashes.

Or my personal favorite you launch an multiplayer tarot mission, and it crashes mid loading screen. And when you reset the PS4 and relaunch the find you've lost your fate on a mission you didn't even get to play.

Like I said though I am legitimately loving the concept of this game and how they've given a whole new way to enjoy the Warhammer 40k universe.

Just please neocoregames fix this!

5 years 327 days ago
I have faith these guys will get it sorted.

They made Van Helsing and made it work, but this game is on a much grander scale. I'm hoping to see the multiplayer more fleshed out in the future. They don't have the weight of Blizzard behind them like Diablo.

I'm guessing they were having issues getting it right and that's why we got what we got. At least I'm enjoying the campaign, but I am really hoping to see a properly done MP for endgame. 

I didn't even hear if you can MP with your cabal. At the very least that seems like it has to be there.

Ah well.. back to killing!

5 years 327 days ago
It Can't Be That Hard I Mean Van Helsing And Diablo Got The Drop In & Out Multiplayer. Why Can't Warhammer 40K Do The Same?
5 years 327 days ago
Im on PS4. When I launch multiplayer I get into a random group of people. Then the game starts. Ingame I can see the name and level of the players, but not before.
5 years 327 days ago

It's not about punishing low level players. It's about the fact low level players can't run higher level difficulties because of gear score (it's not a skill thing, it's just simply not possible). They can still run normal / hard missions together (maybe even extreme) when they are in the leveling / gearing process. But low level players can't run impossible or higher. It's the higher rank players who are being punished by being stuck on normal when it does nothing for us and it's more rewarding to play solo off the star map. Also, I'm not sure what system you are one, but when I join MP I see their name and their rank. A rank gives you a good idea about what someones gear score is. 

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5 years 328 days ago
When I am thrown in a MP-game I can't tell who are the other players nor what mission we're in. So, why should lower ranked players be punished when they join a random MP game?
5 years 328 days ago

Multiplayer should have difficulty options imo. Maybe make rank requirement for difficulties so you don't have low level guys trying to leech off the higher rank guys. I've lost interest in 4 mans because it's normal only, and 500 xp per run for a rank 45 guy is nothing. So much more xp and glory/fate from running yellows/reds on the star map solo. 

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5 years 329 days ago
I know this is suppose to by multiplayer game but why do you want play co-op missions ? There is no real reward for doing this. Best xp or chance for relicts is from tarot missions.

BTW on PS4 lags may have something with how good is internet connection of all party members. Sometime I have good almost no lagy expirience in co-op other time is lagfest. Maybe game engine can't handle lagging party memebrs properly. 

5 years 329 days ago
Maybe you should try to pair players within a fixed level range and on same regions.
5 years 329 days ago
Thanks, we are doing what we can to aid the lag in multiplayer. Feedback like yours is always much appreciated.