Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v1.0.2 - June 14


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. Please also note that during maintenance, players will be unable to login. We may extend maintenance if we see fit, so please be patient until servers go live again.

New Features

  • Steam Trading Cards are now available.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed major GFX artifacting that occurred in the Unholy Cathedral and on several Campaign missions
  • Fixed a crash tied to party disconnects
  • Fixed various additional crashes
  • Numerous localization fixes
  • Fixed controller issues on the Crafting panel and the Modify tab
  • Fixed a bunch of minor issues on Campaign maps
  • Revamped Cabal Quest objectives
  • Reset Cabal Quests
  • Glory Leaderboards will work properly from the next reset onwards
  • Added an auto item refund feature that is triggered when players enter the Command Bridge or open their Stash
  • Fixed a dupe method with the stash
  • The Burnished Weaponry perk now works and displays values correctly
  • Fixed the Psychic Retribution Heroic Deed
  • Fixed an issue where changing languages reset controls
  • Fixed the Scourged by the Warp Heroic Deed
  • Fixed a bug where players could not talk to Ragna to start Chapter 4
  • Several localization improvements across all supported languages
  • Fixed a stuck supply crate for the 5th Black Legion mission
  • Fixed a stuck inoculator crate for the 4th Alpha Legion mission
  • Fixed the last mission of the Seeds of Corruption investigation
  • Meme Virus now works properly
  • Fixed infinite artillery charges on the Feral Beasts Siege map
  • Ragna and Omikron no longer offers to sell/craft higher level items than intended
  • Fixed a missing string for Chaos Sorcerers
  • Fixed a missing string for Chaos Space Marine Champions
  • Fixed a typo on one of the loading screens
  • Fixed Void Shield tooltip to state the correct value, 2000
  • Fixed a Typo in Omikron's dialogs
  • Fixed missing Bunker names
  • Fixed terminology for skill resources in Assassin and Psyker Skill trees
  • Fixed Stealth + Flashlight display issue with the Assassin
  • Fixed double skill tags in tooltips
  • Fixed Rank display on Social panel
  • Fixed missing icon/name for Warp Anomaly and Psychic Escalation


  • Some baseline resolutions will now be available without any condition
  • Character Window received some polishing
  • Added -novid launch parameter
  • Added new sounds for several enemies


  • Reduced Nurgle Pustule regeneration significantly
  • Adjusted Multiplayer difficulty curve
  • Some enemy Regen spells will now be interrupted when they are hit
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Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v1.0.2 - June 14
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6 years 32 days ago
too be honest, the rewards were freaking garbaged comapered to how long it ttook for the community. all purple and 1 relic? honestly. most of those who participated wont give two FU**S about that garbage
6 years 35 days ago

Thiss patch caused more problems than fixes for me personally.... Cathedral graphics still go nuts,the only difference is that they go nuts later instead of 3 mins they wnet nuts in 23 mins....

Outdoor mission layouts are unplayable because after 1-2 minutes pc freezes.... i can play only indoor ship like layouts atm...

Still loosing loot sometimes and they showup after next mission....still cant drag relics from inventory to bank....

Hoping for fix soon tnx take care.

6 years 35 days ago
So, just how have Cabal Quests been reset?

Like others I cannot see any change, but I may have missed what has been altered.

6 years 35 days ago

So still no fix for the story videos that play without any audio, thus robbing us of vital information for the storyline and quite a bit of immersion?

Come on, that's way more important than some typos.

6 years 36 days ago

Awesome - Thanks for that patch!

@MEGAPULL‍ : Can you please make product version "1.0.2" available in the corresponding dropdown in your MantisBT. Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

6 years 36 days ago
Did you fix the 2 turret spawning bugs that make it impossible to play as crusader with turrets?

Did you fix the perk self flagellation being broken for psykers?

Did you fix buffs being removed at every single cut scene?

Thumbs up for the other fixes though, we're slowly getting there! ;)

6 years 36 days ago
Posted by Backend error 1342 6 years 36 days ago
Welp, looks like typos in dialogues and loading screens have priority over issues about skill perks not working properly.
Typos are easier to fix ;)
6 years 36 days ago
Still sitting on the same 290 count Unholy Codex directive we had before the patch, it's rough getting your hopes up just to go back to getting 1 drop in 5 missions...
6 years 36 days ago
Welp, looks like typos in dialogues and loading screens have priority over issues about skill perks not working properly.
6 years 36 days ago
It is good to see these changes, I am wondering when the coop Lag issue will be fixed. I hope soon since this game is best played with friends. 

6 years 36 days ago
Thanks for the patch!!! 

There are a few bugs, and the in-game 'report a bug' does not work. or at least no visual confirmation. 

maybe incorporate an auto screen-grab when the report is generated to make things easy, including map parameters. 


6 years 36 days ago

Thx for fixing meme virus, I was being very careful with my fate and the first day meme virus came out I decided to begin using my fate. But the meme virus didn't give the bonus xp and I tried again and no bonus xp. So 1000 fate I spent and basically wasted it by no negligible means of my own. You can understand how I felt... Fucked. Didn't even get to 50 and my friends are soaring past me, I just launched another game for the past week. Didn't even look this way.

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6 years 36 days ago

Is there a time window for the expected maintenance you can share?  You say it might be extended, but don't give any timelines.  Thanks.

6 years 36 days ago
Thanks for the patch!! A reconsideration on skill tags would be great next. For ex. some AOE skills miss the AOE tag, same for single target, and so on.
6 years 36 days ago
thanks, please fix equipping melee and ranged together (sword+pistol) graphic glitch in character window, it is very annoying
6 years 36 days ago
Skill tree perks like "Fast aim" will work properly now? and what about the lvl 27 unlock for the inoculator? because i couldn't find it anywhere.
6 years 36 days ago
I feel irresistible urge to kill heretics ;)

How long will the maintenance take?

6 years 36 days ago
Love your work and the work your putting into this awesome game.
6 years 36 days ago
Thank you and gj everyone. Really that was a fast response on many bugs. Glad we see you every week fixing things and working for new ones.
6 years 36 days ago
Thanks, for quick crash fixes, really hope this helps.
6 years 36 days ago
Good work :)