Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v0.8.2 - May 25


Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue where Tarot missions displayed +0 Rank XP at the end
  • Fixed an issue with the Hoard, Pestilence, and Murder Tarot cards
  • Fixed Mind Reset not working properly
  • Fixed several map spawn points
  • Fixed a missing tile on the Wordbearers 2 map
  • Fixed unfinishable Purge mission where the last enemy was outside the map
  • Fixed perk selection with controller
  • Fixed missing chest positions on a few maps
  • Fixed a continuity error where players had an inoculator in the first Tutorial
  • Fixed jumping/charging through closed doors
  • Fixed collision of several covers
  • Fixed incorrect minimap display
  • Fixed the Extreme Fortune consumable
  • System Influence bar now appears properly


  • Added new maps
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Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v0.8.2 - May 25
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6 years 59 days ago
. Fixed an issue on previous reported release date, is now not as set in stone as stated before