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If you're keen on accessing new information about Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, follow us on Twitch and tune in on Thursday (June 1st), 7pm CET.

There will be purging.

Watch live video from NeocoreGames on

As in: we will have a nice and lengthy livestream while discussing some things about the game and how it will change in the future updates. Prepare with your questions, you can post them and hopefully you'll get an answer!

Note: every question will be examined for heresy. 

So, save the date and see what we're up to! Don't miss it!

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Inquisitor - Martyr Livestream
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3 years 1 day ago

Ordo Hydra will be there in great numbers! Can't wait.

3 years 1 day ago
Airsick Hydra

I'll do my best to make it. If not, will there be a VoD left on the channel?

3 years 1 day ago
Yes, sure. :)
3 years 1 day ago

I'll be watching from the States.  :)

3 years 23 hours ago

I to shall be tuning in along with members from the Librarium Daemonica, Glorious hunting fellow Inquisitors.

3 years 20 hours ago

Have prior commitments on a Thursday evening, but look forward to viewing the stream later on.

2 Requests though if I may.

Can someone ask how Critical Hits and Critical Hit Strength are suppose to work (let's see if it gets an answer, especially now that there is prior warning - lol).

Secondly, Neocore please do not repeat the behaviour of N-Space in the way it treated people regarding Sword Coast Legends.

3 years 13 hours ago

Will definitely be online for this!

2 years 364 days ago

So, from those who watched the twitch stream, how did it go?

Do find the lack feedback and comment so far as curious.

Apart from the road map, was there any other substance as oppose to entertaining and social chit chat?

2 years 364 days ago
Grey Knight


Roadmap talkthrough - (some detail was given re content and minor specifics)
About 50 people asked if it was coming to PS4 or Xbox
Confirmed other chaos gods "likely" present eventually
Reassured that Fortress content still coming.
Gergo died first.
Another 50 players asked if game was coming to console.

Otherwise largely chit chat and social entertainment. Roadmap and talk with Viktor re story writing process was main highlight. Was very well done and had a good amount of views for a first stream. 100+ in twitch, then youtube too. 

2 years 364 days ago
Grey Knight

I found mostly reassurance from the livestream. I am concerned that so much of the PC development  seems dependent or at least tied to the console. I love console gaming as well and have a PS4 Pro and a X1s along with last gen consoles. But PC gamers are doing some serious work here with assisting in proofing this project and I do not want this title to evolve into a PC Port. 

I also wish they would commit to the Steam Workshop because it always winds up carrying the water for a game long after support for a title has faded. It assists in making a game worth far more than you paid for it with no additional cost to the publisher or developer.

2 years 364 days ago

Steam workshop is really nothing to do with neocore as GW own the licence and therefore control what they can / can't implement. I admit the idea is cool but it would be the first time in history an online game like arpg/mmo has such a feature.  As they are planning a constant stream of new content and seasons I don't think the need is there to add extra fluff :D

Re console what worries you? The controls will be entirely transferable from what I can tell. Would be as simple as the diablo port, if not simpler. Given the pace of the combat whatever works on mouse / keyboard will work on controller without any real drawback. There is no reason to do a separate development cycle that I can see? 

2 years 363 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Steam workshop is a feature Neocore can choose to implement for the PC versions that run on Steam. And it is either their or the publisher's decision. I say this, that is "PC versions on Steam", with the allowance they may provide a PC version that is not Steam bound. Of that matter I do not know. It is their decision. If you have spent any amount of time with games on Steam that use SW prominently then you should be aware of the tremendous value it adds. I have never seen a developer of canon material get everything correct. Or due to development time/costs there are inevitably features, classes, weapons, locations, animations, maps etc etc left out. This is where the community steps in and adds/fixes matters. As a CoH owner this week I was treated to this, and for free:

Free. That is a drop in the bucket for the number of items SW has provided and how it has elevated gaming on Steam.

Using Steam workshop encourages 3rd parties to produce these assets versus what is available if it has to be handled on the side without the official modding assistance that Steam Workshop provides. Because you have never seen an ARPG use SW that is hardly a disqualifying factor. It seems more like an invitation to be the first. I have played a lot of RTS games, DoW series is just one, and those that implement SW extend the life of the game and do something wonderful for the gamers that purchased their title. Already there are 144 items available for DoW III. There is no reason SW would not be a perfect fit for IM. It all comes down to the developer/publisher setting ground rules on allowances for non-vanilla items in certain arenas. 

Regarding the controls, the implementation of gamepad for the PC version is being withheld until it is ready for the console. It would seem to make more sense that control refinement could occur now with community feedback versus waiting until it goes into the console version. Even the the PC launch seems to be held in an attempt to coordinate it with the console versions. 

I know it is about priorities of work as I have spent time working in game development with several studios in the past. But they are pushing for more players and control schemes are a gateway for many gamers who find the keyboard less than Ideal. I grew up on KB/M but there are times I prefer the controller because I stream 4K over my Nvidia Shield to the big screen while laying back on the couch. I cannot count the number of gamers with whom I have discussed this title and are interested but wrote the game off until they can use a controller. The more people that pick up this title now the better it will be later for the developers as regards being able to refine and hone the game. And if it is as simple as a Diablo port then it should take no time to do now, correct? That point of view is, you might say, a double edged chainsword  :)

2 years 363 days ago

Addendum: Regarding Steam workshop and permission from GW, that wasn't what they indicated during the Live QA. And Games Workshop has no issue with SW on DoW III or Total War: Warhammer - where there are 3,698 unique items for gamers to add to TW:Warhammer.

2 years 363 days ago

Well thought out response. 

I completely agree about steam workshop adding value to a game. Was just raising the point that when you are making a game of another companie's franchise you don't actually have complete control over what you are making. Every feature has to be passed through the company who owns the copyright in order to allow it to be implemented. While they didn't make this clear, I know from talks with them that for literally everything they put into the game, this is the process.

Re Total war etc having workshop - in those game is it did make sense, because they are pretty much finite game without additional content being added or reason to continue play once completed. Sure you get extra races but essentially the game's core elements always remain the same. Whereas on the flip side inquisitor has plans for many years of additional seasons and content patches to keep players playing. I was just highting that in Total war steam workshop is something that adds a lot, you could make new starting positions, make new color schemes and units for the new factions etc and make a lot of what the developers didn't have time to do. So yeah, it was the perfect solution.

In arpg i'd be more concerned that it would just break the immersion by everyone making ultramarine skins etc. Turning themselves into grey-knights and making my-little-pony enemies. Just given the content plan, the fact that armor can be customised, painted, maps are random already. It seems like something a little unnecessary (only my personal opinion)

You have got me thinking though - Perhaps steam workshop for maps and enemies etc would / could be a nice addition. Would allow the devs to potentially steal some ideas too :D

2 years 363 days ago
Airsick Hydra

I am glad you see the upside of SW. Sometimes people fall into a trap of being concerned how Steam affects users that are playing in situations where you do not have contact with them. And 99.99% of the mods do not have ponies ha ha. But, if someone is playing alone and they have ponies instead of Grey Knights how does this affect other gamers? It doesn't. But one look at the SW when a community backs it reveals mods that have been made available by people that love the source material and just want to make it more of what it is meant to be.

Anyone that has logged hours in games like Total Warhammer have seen how it affects PvP. It really doesn't except in a very positive manner. On numerous occasions it is because someone made a mod that the entire community has jumped on and praised and it wasn't ponies. The fact is every game that uses SW in a major way winds up with multiple mods that become the de facto standards for that game. I do not think we will get maps that take place inside a Space Hulk with additional friendly AI, such as a squad of Space Marines to over see or rescue. Guess what? Here comes the community to make that available. I do not think we will get Chaos or Eldar as playable classes. Boom, here comes the community. Next thing you know you have Eldar Base, Eldar crafting, everything Eldar and lore accurate.

Many times mods are features that players with whom you are gaming do not see and it does not affect them because it is client side graphic related such as better textures or an altered color scheme that happens to be more accurate in accordance with the lore. Game Workshop apparently has no issue with SW and one look at the TW Warhammer SW should get any gamer that also loves the world of W40K as you and I do salivating over the possibilities. It means a game in which you see promise could live on for years with far more playable material than 2 dev teams could create.

This comment was edited 2 years 363 days ago by Hatchetforce
2 years 363 days ago

I would again emphasise that the two games with finite content are not really comparable to inquisitor which has rather different ambitions. I do however accept that if I don't see it, and if it doesn't affect me - then yes - I do not take offence to this. I take the same view with PvP. If it's not being forced on people, then why dislike other people playing it. 

However I guess we could apply the argument here that for the time invested in creating such a feature which one would assume would be fairly colossal, in addition to the time supporting, fixing etc and maintaining such an endeavour would be no small task. While it would allow players to create variations of content, wouldn't that time be better spent improving / implementing current game features and core mechanics. Like pvp ;) - I jest, but only in part.

Might be worth considering that these features were only created for these two games after the game was completed. From memory both implemented the workshop months after the game was release, so it seems quite unusual to promise such a feature already.

I'll continue to think on the topic. Not made my mind up but I am on the fence with this once.

This comment was edited 2 years 363 days ago by Airsick Hydra
2 years 363 days ago
Airsick Hydra

There is a big difference with PvP implementation and that is because it comes directly out of the game development budget whereas ponies are built by the civilian community :)

And I respectfully disagree as regards the "would it be better to put the time into something other than Steam Workshop" and I answer thus due to the wealth of  material and features that can come from such an implementation. It dwarfs the material the developers themselves could have made during the same time and with the funds expended to implement SW. 

SW was available for Warhammer TW almost from Day 1. DoW III mere days after launch.

2 years 363 days ago
Airsick Hydra

"In arpg i'd be more concerned that it would just break the immersion by everyone making ultramarine skins etc. Turning themselves into grey-knights and making my-little-pony enemies."

Expressing concern that this would cease to be a true WH40K game as oppose to a game with just a WH40K skin !!!
ROFL Oh how times change!
That's more  Puritan than Radical. :-)

2 years 362 days ago

still if they were going to put SW in at all it still would come out till after the game had been released, so there not point needing to think about it right now its something they can do after release so doesn't need to be on the road map, if what they said on the stream is right they need to ask GW all we need to do is wait and see what happens

2 years 362 days ago

Having double checked it does seem it was available quickly after release - My original source is at fault (you know who you are) - But the point stands that the steam workshop feature isn't made out of thin air, much like any other feature. It has to be developed, supported and maintained much like anything else within a game. I admit that SW can provide an endless stream of content for a game, but why in a game which already promises endless / continual content i'm only questioning the need for it. Otherwise we might as well be making the argument for implementing it within every game in existence. 

This isn't me arguing for the developers either, they did comment within the stream that they liked the idea of this feature, whereas I also like the idea of it but have concerns. Such as the overall place of such a feature within an online ARPG which will ultimately be loot driven. I think SW works wonders for games where you don't really interact with others, like eldar scrolls / skyrim / total war etc. You are in your own little bubble and SW can add to this, but in an online arpg? - Seems like there would have to be really huge limitations, take for eg when matchmaking is implemented (which imho any game with co op would be expected to have) it'll add complications a plenty if people like playing with mods but want to enter matchmaking, detracting from the number of available players etc. One of many potential drawbacks of such a feature. Perhaps limiting it to just a map generator. Again which i'm totally ok with. But again why the need, when we already have the fortress system being promised. 

@Grey-Knight - Now i'm always for keeping the game within the lore! Our conversations thus far have always been regarding the specifics of the lore and exactly how strictly they have to be followed. I take a slightly more liberal approach as i'm sure you remember. Just some people have strict views on this universe, such as previous comments of inquisitors not fighting each other, despite my understanding of entire books published on wars between the inquisition.